Summer Lovin’ ((Don’t Miss This Fun Surprise))

Hi there! This is Shadi (Lee's assistant). I'll be standing in for Lee today. As you may remember I married Lee's eldest son Joel just over two weeks ago. We are thrilled! We had an intimate ceremony held in Lee's front yard. It was a blast and we loved every minute of it. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures below. 🙂 

Now that our wedding is over there's another wedding on the horizon! Lee has been working on a new novella centered around Ginger Gold's marriage to Chief Inspector Basil Reed. Are you as excited as I am to learn more about their wedding?!

It was interesting reading about the culture that Ginger's wedding took place in while I was planning mine. Times have changed! Brides and grooms in the 1920s were under a great amount of pressure to follow tradition. Ginger & Basil had to follow the many rules of the Church of England - some of which may seem strange now. 

Here's a few fun facts about weddings in the 1920s:

  • Wednesday was considered the most auspicious day to get married.
  • Double weddings were much more common in the 1920s! They were efficient and cost-effective for both guests and the newlyweds!
  • Many proper British weddings took place at noon, also known as "High Noon". These weddings required the Bride & Groom to provide both lunch and a reception. While more costly, a "High Noon" wedding was very impressive.
  • Although British tradition dictates that men were the ones who proposed, there was an exception to the rule where women could propose on February 29th (A Leap Year).
  • The Church of England weddings had to take place inside a church. Outdoor weddings were not allowed. This is still true today for those who want a religious wedding.

The Wedding of Ginger and Basil is not to be missed, and YOU'RE INVITED. Of course, you'll find a little mystery and mayhem thrown into this Ginger Gold companion novella. It's releasing on August 24th!

This novella will NOT be available for preorder prior to its release so make sure to mark the 24th on your calendar. Sign up for my newsletter if you would like to be notified when The Wedding of Ginger & Basil is released!

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