My Gift to You!

In the spirit of Agatha Christie, Lee Strauss presents a brand new series reminiscent of the Golden Age of Mysteries.

“Rich descriptions of the social mores of the era, combined with heart-stopping suspense and action, this book ends all too soon—but, in a most satisfying manner.”



In the dismal autumn of 1918 Ginger Gold had vowed she’d never go back to Europe. Yet here she was, five years later in 1923, aboard the SS Rosa as it traversed the Atlantic from Boston to Liverpool.

“Isn’t a dinner invitation from the Captain reserved for very important persons?” Haley Higgins asked.

Ginger propped a hand on her tiny waist and feigned insult. “Are you suggesting that I’m not a very important person?”

“I’d never suggest such a thing,” Haley said lightly. “Only that I’m not aware of your connection to him.”

“Oh, yes. Father used to travel to England once or twice a year for business, and they had made an acquaintance. Of course this was some years ago, before Father fell ill. Captain Walsh recognized my name on the passenger list. It was nice of him to extend an invitation, was it not?”

Haley nodded. “I expect it to be quite entertaining.”

Ginger chose a billowy, violet dropped-waist dress with a hem that ended near her ankles, nude stockings with seams that ran up the back of her slender legs, and black designer t-strap heels. She clipped on dangling earrings and patted the ends of her bobbed red hair with the palms of her gloved hands. She made a show of presenting herself…