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written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

June 3, 2021

Happy June!

Being from the North, I’m happy to see summer well and good on its way.  I have some fun news to announce in the near future, and I don’t want you to miss it when it comes. If you’re not already part of my facebook group, I’d love to see you there! I’ll be making my announcement there first. Facebook has recently defaulted notifications to “highlights” so you’ll want to make sure you manage your notification to mark it as “all posts.” I’ve included screenshots to show you how.

Are you interested in coding? Particularly the type of coding used by spies in WW1? This topic is of interest to Ginger in the next Ginger Gold installment coming this month, Murder in Belgravia. Read on to learn more!

Also, don’t miss the latest Journal Entry, aptly titled “Code!”

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Code Breaking in WW1

When World War One started in 1914, the ability for people to communicate via a relatively new invention called RADIO (or, wireless telegraphy) began to be used in ways it never had before. Unlike previous wars, battlefield commanders could now obtain much better knowledge about what was happening on the frontlines and other key areas. With radio communication they could also execute a coordinated strategy that included the army, navy and air force.

However, there was one big drawback to all of this… the radio messages were easily intercepted by the enemy. A system of Codes was used as a way to conceal this. [continue reading in last week’s blog]

Read last week’s blog 


Did you read the latest Journal Entry yet?


June 14, 1916 

Yesterday I was summoned to a farm on the outskirts of a village just inside the border of Belgium near Passchendeale. Members of the French and Belgium spy network had stolen a German wireless set and struggled with its operation. Since I had some experience with operating a wireless and a basic knowledge of morse code, I was asked to help.

It was set up in one of the upper rooms of the house with the antenna cleverly disguised and placed on the roof. When I arrived, I knocked with the prearranged rhythm, and the door was opened by an older man wearing a cap and farmer’s overalls. [continue reading in Ginger’s Journal]

Read Ginger’s Journal Now


Pre-Order Murder in Belgravia

Murder’s a piece of cake!

Wedding bells are ringing in Belgravia, and Ginger couldn’t be happier to attend the nuptials of Felicia Gold and Lord Davenport-Witt. If only she could put her mind at ease about the things she knew about the groom’s past. When a death occurs at the wedding party, Ginger is placed in a frightfully difficult position. Betray her vow of secrecy to the crown, or let a killer go free.

Pre-Order Murder in Belgravia 


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