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December 5, 2019

Death on Hanover, the third Higgins & Hawke Mystery will be released on December 10th. That's just FIVE DAYS away- wow!

Here’s a teaser from Chapter 1.

>>> Sam Hawke, an investigative reporter for The Boston Daily Record, consoled herself. You couldn’t break a big story every day. Her deal with her editor, Archie August, was that she’d continue to lead the ladies’ pages as per her original agreement when he’d allowed her to move from receptionist to reporter, even though she was still technically a married woman.

Technically, Samantha thought as she snapped photographs of the fundraiser held at St. Stephen’s Church on Hanover Street. Her louse of a husband, Seth Rosenbaum, had skipped town years ago and left her with their young daughter and his ornery mother. Well, enough was enough. She couldn’t be expected to wait for him forever, and the good Lord knew, with the kind of reckless life he led and the nefarious company he kept, he could good and well be dead. <<<


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To celebrate the upcoming release of the 3rd Higgins & Hawke Mystery I'm giving away PAPERBACK editions of all THREE books in the series!

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Murder by Plum Pudding is now Available in Print!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is sneaking up on us already! 

Do you begin your Christmas shopping early or are you a Christmas-procrastinator? 

If you're like me, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is receiving AND reading new books. I love the convenience of eBooks (especially when I'm traveling!!!), but nothing can replace the feeling of holding a physical book. 

To help you celebrate the coming season AND keep you entertained over the winter months I've put together a full list of all of my paperbacks. 

Ps. The first 3 Ginger Gold Mysteries are now available in Large Print!


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