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November 18, 2016

  1. I've been back from Germany for over a week, so pretty much over jet lag. I have a system down that has sped up my jet lag recovery by a week (I'm one of those travel wusses who travels a lot.) First, I don't tell anyone I'm back, though my closest friends know, and they know not to bug me for a week. 🙂 Second, I do as little as possible, just the basics: insure my truck, go to the bank, buy groceries, vacuum and dust, laundry – this is spread out over a few days. The rest of the time I WATCH TV. I mean major binge. I PVR Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Elementary, Father Brown and I watch Netflix – at the moment it's Miss Fisher's Mysteries. Third: I sleep as much as I need to. I'm grateful I'm an empty nester and have the luxury of time.
Love this show. Set in 1929 and in Australia! Based on a book series by Kerry Greenwood. Every author's dream!

While I'm on Australian mysteries, I watched Doctor Blake Murder Mysteries to get over my jet lag on the Germany side.

Another period show, this one is set in the 1950s. Also great.

2. It's good to be back home. I went on my weekly hike up Knox Mountain.

I never tire of this view.
I never tire of this view.

3. OH, THAT ELECTION  – true to my commitment to not get political on social media, that's all I'm going to say. Not that I don't have opinions, I do. November 8 was also the day I flew home for over 14 hours, and had a flood in my basement. Fun times.

4.  The thing about doing nothing for almost a week is that you get really behind. Most of the work I do requires a clear head, and I have to wait for the mental fog to lift. When I don't, I do stupid things like run a FB ad with a bad link – true story 🙁

I'm busy finishing up Twinkle Little Star – A Nursery Rhymes Suspense Book #4. So excited to see that one on the shelves.

And, if you're interested in leaving reviews and also like to read Christmas themed inspirational romance novellas, PEACE & GOODWILL (by my pen name Hope Franke) is Free on Amazon this week.


Free on Amazon until the 22nd.



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  1. Miss Fisher rocks. is that Doctor Blake one available in Canada? And if you want another fun (and quite silly) Netflix series to binge on, “Psych” is a hoot. It’s set in Santa Barbara, but is shot in Vancouver – a lot of it in White Rock. Part of the fun of watching it is “location spotting”.

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