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So excited to be launching a new book and to present a series sale to get late comers started. I'm taking a break from family updates this week, but "hard and good" kind of encapsulates it. More later. For now, enjoy escaping with Ginger Gold. Check out this early 5 start review: 

"Lee Strauss delivers a one, two punch in is this heart pounding addition to the Lady Gold series. Ginger attends a boxing match with Basil since Marvin (their adoptive son Scout's cousin) is in the ring against a fierce champion. When a murder occurs they soon find themselves investigating the seedier side of society taking them into the world of sports betting, gangs and drugs. If that wasn't enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, an old nemesis returns putting Ginger's family at risk. The attention to details is superb creating a story of intrigue and danger. I am already looking forward to the next book as we are left with a surprise reunion".

Murder’s a knockout!

Despite her misgivings and general distaste for fighting sports, Mrs. Ginger Reed, also known as Lady Gold, agrees to attend a boxing match to support her adopted son’s cousin, a street fighter who’s quickly risen in the ranks.

But when his opponent, the presumed champion-to-be, drops out and then drops dead, Ginger and her husband, Basil, a chief inspector at Scotland Yard, investigate. Was the fighter dead because of sports-betting gone awry? Were London gangs involved? And has an old, but newly present danger returned to threaten the Reed family?

When one of their own falls prey, the gloves come off and the fight becomes personal. Can Ginger and Basil save their family and stop a killer before the towel is thrown in the ring?

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  1. Hi Lee I must say I love your cosy mysteries about Lady Gold. For me they are perfect. In particular I enjoy the audio versions as the narrators put so much life into the dialogue. I am hanging out for each new release of these versions. Can you tell me if you have audio versions of the Rosa Reed books? I’m in Australia and can’t seem to find them anywhere; Even on Authors Direct. Anyway I hope you enjoy some time off to relax and regenerate. Best wishes to you and your family. Regards Rosemary

  2. Thank you for checking back with me. Right after I contacted you, I was able to download the book. Yes, I have been a part of your review crew for some time now. I have read the book, thoroughly enjoyed it and have left a review on Amazon. Thank you for following up with me.

  3. I’m wondering why I’m not on the new releases any more. I have in the past left honest reviews, but for the last couple of books, I’m not being included in the early release group. Did I do something wrong that took me off the list?

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