Feels So Good to Be Back…

… in the world of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense.  Since Hickory Dickory Dock I've been working on three other projects, all of which I can put aside now for the most part. I miss Marlow and Sage and can't wait to see what happens next to them in their mysterious world of fictional Detroit University. I'm really happy to dive into Twinkle Little Star, and I plan to stay in this universe for the foreseeable future. This is where I feel the most at home as an author.

Even though I've only been away from my leads for three months, I need to remind myself who these two characters are, where they've been and where they're going. At the end of Hickory Dickory Dock, the crime was solved, and Sage had gotten rid of the no-good men in her life. She finally admitted to herself that she was attracted to Marlow, even though he wasn't the type of guy she normally went for. Unfortunately, Marlow hasn't waited around for her heart and mind to open up to him, and now has a cute little girlfriend on his arm.



I know Fate won't let them stay parted. In Twinkle Little Star they'll have to work together again, this time to prove Sage's innocence. But will her time in jail effect her GPA?

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