Fascinated with Vintage Retro? I am.

I'm not sure why, but I'm fascinated with the near past.

Maybe it's because, at my age, I remember a lot of it! Or I just feel like I do. This is why I love to write history-themed books, like Ginger Gold -1920s, Higgins & Hawke-1930s, and Rosa Reed-1950s. There's something comforting about nostalgia, especially in these trying days.
Of course, this takes a lot of research to get the scenes right, and I'm VERY thankful for the internet, that gives so much of what I need at my fingertips.
I've recently come across an exceptional website called VINTAGE RETRO, and it has to be one of the most comprehensive sites out there. If you're looking for anything vintage/retro, from outfits to hair to makeup to jewellery and more, you can find it there. Here's a sampling:

From their website:

Vintage-retro.com is specialized in collecting and providing information on the history of vintage fashion from Victoria to the 1980s, providing guidance on antiques for women and men in every era, and all Look for the best classical style clothing, accessories, and jewelry on the Internet for a modern taste. At the same time, we also have a corresponding retro clothing online sales partner, which is missfoxshop.com. You can find all the clothing and accessories mentioned in vintage-retro.com on this website.

Miss Fox includes dresses from the 1950s to 20s, plus size styles, and summer bikini series. Dresses from the 1950s to the 20s are full of retro style. And those old clothes that are at least 20 years old are antiques that have recently become obsolete but are likely to make a comeback. Time will never abandon retro. We offer the most popular women's clothing this season, including a selection of vintage dresses, oversized dresses, and sexy bikinis. Miss Fox is willing to be your exclusive wardrobe and personal butler.”

Speaking of Vintage Retro, don't miss out on this contest to win a Vintage-themed watercolor painting by artist Joel Strauss (aka my oldest son and assistant at La Plume Press) inspired by the Rosa Reed Mystery series.
CLICK this link to Enter: https://upvir.al/110146/lp110146
From the upcoming release, A Ginger Gold Mystery, Murder at the Royal Albert Hall

Murder makes a scene!

Nothing ruins a night of Shakespeare faster than a duchess falling to her death. Mrs. Ginger Reed, also known by some as Lady Gold, is at the Royal Albert Hall with her husband, Basil Reed, a chief inspector at Scotland Yard, and the two of them are immediately at the scene. Was the duchess of Worthington’s fall accidental? Where was the duke?

And what does Ginger’s grandmother, Ambrosia, the dowager Lady Gold have to do with the sordid affair?

Something went terribly wrong with the dowager’s “sisterhood” of friends back in the 1860s, and it's all coming home to roost.

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