Journal + Excerpt from Lady Gold 2!

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

September 26, 2019

Lady Gold Investigates Volume 2 will be released on September 30th. That's just THREE DAYS away- wow!

Here’s a teaser from The Case of the Museum Burglary.

>>> Ginger tipped back her head to look up at the tall red-brick façade of the Wainwright Museum of Persia, housed in the former Wainwright Manor in Ilford, East London. For her evening visit to the museum, Ginger had chosen to wear an emerald-green linen coat with wide cuffs on the long sleeves, and a broad collar fastened with one of two oversized matching buttons, the second appearing at the hip. As she approached the huge oak doors that served as the main entrance, she tucked Boss, her small black and white Boston terrier, more securely under her arm. She’d meant to leave him in the Crossley, but at the last minute swooped him up, having been unnerved by a group of street urchins who’d materialized suddenly.

Felicia, who was Ginger’s sister-in-law from her first marriage and her dear friend besides, followed closely.

“I’ve only agreed to come because Grandmama is insisting I become more cultured,” Felicia said. “She doesn’t accept that modern art and music is culture too.”

Ginger smiled inwardly. She was quite fond of the strong-headed matriarch known in society as the Dowager Lady Gold, but she knew also from experience that Ambrosia was indeed a force to contend with. <<<


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