Cozy Mystery Sale!

written by Lee Strauss | .99 cent books, Cozy Mystery

October 17, 2019

Treat yourself to a great book or two! Discover a new-to-you series!

A collection of top-notch, cozy mysteries by your favourite cozy mystery writers FOR ONLY .99. Fill your kindle with these heartwarming stories!

New Release!

I'm so excited to announce the release of this fun and amazing Christmas novella bundle.

I'm privileged to have been included amongst five other great authors (and friends!) to bring you several hours of extremely enjoyable reading.

Don't miss your chance to pick it up for just .99! The price will go up after launch. Includes our favourite recipes including mine for Christmas Granola. Enjoy!

Friends of Lee

Karen MacInerney has a new release just perfect for a snuggle-up-and-read before the fire. Karen and I met in person in Florida last month and I can tell you that she's a clever and funny person.

If you love clever and funny cozies, you'll love this book.


Crisp autumn breezes, sizzling bratwurst, warm gingerbread cookies... and just a dash of murder.

Murder is bad for business.

Between juggling her stubborn family's drama and starting a career as a realtor, Stella O'Neil has a lot on her plate. But when a body is found in a local manor, she suddenly finds herself thrown into the middle of a mystery that has the entire town on edge.  With her curiosity leading her from one resident to the next, Stella uncovers a tapestry of dark and sinister secrets.  

As she closes in on the truth, her life is threatened by a car chase in the dead of night. Someone wants to keep their sins buried deep, and will stop at nothing to secure their twisted agenda. Can Stella expose the killer's identity? Or will she become yet another skeleton buried in the closet of a town built on secrets?

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