Cover Reveal for Murder at Feathers & Flair!

July was a busy month for me with the release of the third Ginger Gold Mystery, Murder at Bray Manor. If you haven't bought your copy already you can do so here (link).
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Here's an excerpt from chapter one, you can read the first three chapters here (link).

>> Ginger Gold folded the letter she was reading and dropped it on the side table. “Haley, do you believe in ghosts?”

Haley Higgins, an American student at the London School of Medicine for Women, lounged on the settee in the sitting room of Hartigan House as she sipped an after-dinner sherry. She arched a dark brow. “Why? Have you received mail from beyond?”

Ginger sighed as she put her feet up on the ottoman. She’d removed her strappy shoes but resisted the urge to unsnap her hosiery and revert to bare legs. The lace border of her turquoise chiffon tunic draped casually over her knees. This recent frock acquisition from a well-known Parisian fashion house had thick embroidery along the bodice and a cluster of sequins that sparkled in the firelight.

Boss, her Boston terrier, curled up on her lap. She petted his soft, black fur. “It’s a letter from Bray Manor—my sister-in-law, Felicia.”

“Still unhappy about living in the country?” Haley asked.

“Frightfully. And I can’t imagine Ambrosia moving from her family home. Even if Felicia was properly matched, Ambrosia would insist that the newlyweds live there with her.”

Haley clicked her tongue, commiserating. “Poor Felicia. How is the good Dowager Lady Gold anyway?”

Ginger pushed locks of her red bob behind her ears, picked up the letter, and read.

Dearest Ginger,

I hope this letter finds you well. News of your new shop is exciting, and I’m very keen on visiting it one day—hopefully soon! << (click here to continue reading)

I also started the next book – Murder at Feathers & Flair. I’m really enjoying this one. It helps that I already know the characters and have a good research foundation from my work on the previous three books.

Once again my cover guy, Steven Novak, hit it out of the park with the cover. I love it!


It’s 1924 and war widow fashionista, Ginger Gold’s new Regent Street dress shop, Feathers & Flair, is the talk of the London fashion district attracting aristocrats from Paris to Berlin to Russia.

Ginger is offered her first job as a private detective when a well-known stage actor goes missing, and though the dress shop takes most of her time, Ginger takes the case.

But when a Russian duchess dies at the shop’s official Grand Opening event, Ginger ignores the missing person to chase a Killer. It's a decision she will live to regret.


Feathers & Flair will eventually be Amazon only, so preorders are a way for you to get it if you don’t read on a Kindle.

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