Step Back in Time: Clockwise Collection

Looking for a fun beach read? 

The Clockwise Collection is a fun read for all ages that combines time travel with a touch of romance. If you love Ginger Gold and gang I think you will enjoy the Clockwise series. The full series is currently enrolled in KINDLE UNLIMITED.

The Clockwise Collection started as a dream, only instead of a cute boy, I took back a talking cat! I've always been fascinated with history and the idea of what it would be like to visit a time in the past. 

I chose the pre- American civil war era as the moment in time my main character, Casey Donovan, goes back in time. At the time, paranormal was really taking off, so I gave my character a "gift". No time machines necessary! 

I wanted to explore the themes of freedom and civic duty alongside of the angst that goes along with teen romance. The civil war was an interesting backdrop to contrast with what was going on in Casey's present.


  • Disease and sickness were the greatest killers in the Civil War. Harsh camp conditions allowed for contagious diseases to spread rapidly among soldiers. It's estimated that around a million Union soldiers suffered from Malaria during the war. 
  • Two years before his assassination President Lincoln was shot at while riding a horse. The hat which he had been wearing was knocked off his head but was later found with a bullet hole. That's what you call a close call!
  • One of my favorite heroes from the civil war is Harriet Tubman. She was an escaped slave who dedicated her life to the Underground Railroad movement prior to the Civil War. Harriet was the first woman to lead an escape mission during which hundreds of slaves were freed from slavery.


While CLOCKWISE is set at the start of the Civil War, CLOCKWISER happens smack in the middle of it. Casey accidentally takes her brother Tim back in time, and then accidentally leaves him there. He thinks it would be a hoot to join the war and have the adventure of his life - except that it might cost him his actual life!

Poor Casey has to find a way to bring him home safely and her relationship with Nate might not bear the stress.

Casey meets Adeline Savoy at the end of Clockwise before moving from Cambridge MA to Hollywood.

Adeline doesn't feel she belongs in her own time, but can bad boys from the past be trusted?

Unlike Casey, Adeline loops back to 1950, the height of Hollywood glamor. This suits Adeline well, since she loves vintage clothes, wearing lipstick, and boys who look like James Dean!


  • Men who feared being drafted during the Civil War developed many creative if not painful ways of avoiding going to war. In some cases, people had their front teeth removed, as soldiers were required to have four opposing front teeth so that they could open gunpowder pouches quickly to reload a rifle.
  • In the 1930s the Smithsonian Institution recorded Civil War veterans enacting the "rebel yell." The Smithsonian Institution recorded the battle cry known as the “rebel yell,” by Civil War veterans in the 1930’s. You can listen to a clip of the Confederate battle cry HERE.
  • Snowball fights were a way for soldiers to stave off boredom and stay warm during long cold winters. Several legendary snowball fights involving over a thousand soldiers occurred during the Civil War.


LIKE CLOCKWORK is Adeline's story, but that's not the last we see of her. She is reunited with Casey in the next book COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

The Clockwise Collection series ends with COUNTER CLOCKWISE and CLOCKWORK CRAZY. These two books are one story arc and this time Casey finds herself, not in her usual American Civil War era, but in the revolution! And surprisingly, she has Adeline from Hollywood to thank for this mix up.

Things get really super alternate-timeline crazy for Casey and Nate in the last book, just as the title indicates, but I can promise you a HEA!

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