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written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

September 12, 2019

The A Light & Love Sweet Romance series is set in the singer-songwriter world in Europe. I've been married to a musician for almost thirty years and I live in Germany part-time, so I'm well-versed in this world. I loved the idea of creating characters who sang and wrote music and that I could collaborate with musical artists to incorporate their lyrics into the books. 

Not only that, some of the artists spent time in the studio to bring the songs to life for the series, so if you want to, you can listen to the characters sing. Pretty cool.

The first two books are set in Dresden Germany, where I lived at the time of the writing, so I was able to get a good sense of the setting and the mood for the main characters Katja and Eva.

If you're a fan of Ginger Gold, I think you may enjoy this series too. The Light & Love Sweet Romance series combines the perfect amount of intrigue and romance, and a good dose of twists and turns to keep you guessing. 

Start reading this heartwarming series today! Now available in PRINT. 

Lady Gold Takes The Case!

Join Mrs. Ginger Reed~aka Lady Gold, her adventurous sister-in-law Felicia, and her curious dog Boss, as they take these new challenging puzzles. Lady Gold Investigates Volume Two presents The Case of the Recipe Robbery and The Case of the Museum Heist. 

A companion series to Ginger Gold Mysteries, each volume is approximately 20 thousand words or 90 pages. A bite size read perfect for a transit commute home, time spent waiting at an appointment, or to settle into sleep at night. Get your coffee, tea or glass of wine and snuggle in! 


Join me on September 19th, as I delve into this month's title, Murder at the Mortuary. There will be a surprise giveaway so make sure you’ve joined my Reader's Group on Facebook to enter! 

In the club members can talk freely about the books, ask me any question, give advice, ask about my writing process, my personal life, tell me things they find interesting. Anything goes. Spoilers are allowed.

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  1. Your ‘A Light & Love Sweet Romance’ series sounds wonderful. I first heard about you through your book ‘Sing Me A Love Song’, which I have. I found the story line and setting very intriguing. 🙂

  2. Love reading Gingers journal. Can’t wait for the next addition. In fact I dearly love all of the Ginger books, often reading and rereading awaiting for the next to come out!!!

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