Christmas in July + New journal entry!

July 3, 2018

What? Why Christmas in July, Lee Strauss?

I found myself facing a conundrum while (or as Ginger would say, whilst) preparing to write the next Ginger Gold journal entry. In the flow of story, the next entry had to be December 24, 1912, but that didn't really jive with the reality of summer and July celebrations. 

WWJD? Or in this case, WWGD?

Celebrate Christmas in July, that's what!

What better way to celebrate Christmas in July than to give back to your community?

Enter the Christmas in July Giveaway <img draggable=for a chance to win a surprise Christmas present from yours truly!

To enter please donate a bag of non-perishable goods to your local food bank or community resource center.  

Once you've made your donation click on the button below to let me know. Each bag of donations is worth one entry. Two bags of donations = 2 chances for you to win a fun surprise from Lee Strauss<img draggable=The more the merrier! 

Did you know that food banks accept more than canned goods? Many food banks accept baby food and diapers. Take a look at this list for more ideas.

Click on the following links to find a local Food Bank in the United StatesCanada, or the United Kingdom

Merry Christmas! 

Good news for those of you who've been waiting ~I've posted a new entry to Ginger Gold's Journal!

Just a quick caveat: these entries aren't professionally edited. 

Ginger's Journal is special bonus feature for my newsletter subscribers so make sure you're signed up. If you've signed up in the past but have forgotten the password or link you can sign up again. 

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