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Save when you buy books in a bundle!

What is a book bundle? A book bundle is a bunch of books ‘wrapped together’ in a package or included in a boxset. If you are the type of reader who likes to buy many books by the same author, or if

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Join Us for a Live Concert!

Wishing you a Happy Easter in these uncertain times.Peace and Grace to you and yours. Join Us for a Live Concert!Hello fellow self-isolators!I'm posting a day early to let you know that Norm and I

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Wait – there’s more!

Last week I shared the excerpt from Chapter #1 of Death at the Tavern – but wait – there's more! Good news – Death at the Tavern is releasing in just FIVE days! Are you as excited as

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A little pick-me-up for your winter blues!

Are the winter blues getting you down? Good news – Death at the Tavern is releasing in less than TWO weeks! Here’s a teaser from Chapter #1 of Death at the Tavern – Book 1 of the Higgins

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Moving Day! Plus New Journal Entry!

Today is the last day of lasts. The last night sleeping in this room, the last walk down this particular street, the last shopping event at a certain strip mall. We're not moving far, just to the other

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Summer Lovin’ ((Don’t Miss This Fun Surprise))

Hi there! This is Shadi (Lee's assistant). I'll be standing in for Lee today. As you may remember I married Lee's eldest son Joel just over two weeks ago. We are thrilled! We had an intimate ceremony held

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Introducing the Light & Love series!

One of my projects last summer was to rebrand my older books. You might remember that I re-released the Guitar Girl Romance series formerly written under my pen name Hope Franke. I decided to give the

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Step Back in Time: Clockwise Collection

Looking for a fun beach read? The Clockwise Collection is a fun read for all ages that combines time travel with a touch of romance. If you love Ginger Gold and gang I think you will enjoy the Clockwise

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