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Back to the Movies

Writing Murder on Location was a lot of fun and if you like movies, especially getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of film making, I think you'll enjoy it too. Next week I'll introduce you to my co-writer,

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Join Us for a Live Concert!

Wishing you a Happy Easter in these uncertain times.Peace and Grace to you and yours. Join Us for a Live Concert!Hello fellow self-isolators!I'm posting a day early to let you know that Norm and I

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The Secret Service Years… + Journal

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is the foreign intelligence service of the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, its role is to protect the UK's national security through covert overseas missions.

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Discover new authors, plus Death on Hanover excerpt!

Death on Hanover, the third Higgins & Hawke Mystery will be released on December 10th. That's just FIVE DAYS away- wow! Here’s a teaser from Chapter 1. >>> Sam Hawke, an investigative

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Big Announcement! + What’s Next.

WE MADE IT! I asked for help to cross the finish line to USA TODAY and we made the list at #76. Thank you so much for cheering me on and picking up a copy of Six Little Merry Murders.

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Excerpt from Murder at the Boat Club

The ninth Ginger Gold Mystery, Murder at the Boat Club, will be released on June 25th. That's less than two weeks away - wow!Here’s a teaser from Chapter #1 of Murder at the

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The Power of Pants in the Jazz Age!

If you’re familiar with Ginger Gold Mysteries you know that Ginger Gold is a fashionista. The series explores different fads throughout the Jazz Age. My latest spinoff series Higgins & Hawke Mysteries features

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Excerpt from Death on the Tower

The second Higgins & Hawke Mystery, Death on the Tower, will be released on April 23rd. That's less than two weeks away - wow!Here’s a teaser from Chapter #1 of Death on

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