Brighton Pier

One of my favorite parts of summer is going to the beach. Do you agree?

Even if you can't physically make it to a beach, you can still join Ginger and Basil on their family vacation in Murder at Brighton Beach. If you dare to, that is. Things get a little hectic – but you'll have to pre-order to find out!

Here are some facts about the Brighton Marine Palace Pier, known today as Brighton Pier.

Brighton Pier opened on May 20th, 1899 in place of the old chain pier which had been damaged in a storm. The old pier had mostly been used as a landing stage for passengers alongside a few souvenir kiosks. The new pier was created strictly for pleasure purposes, boasting amusement machines, a concert hall, and vendors. The pier was a wildly popular attraction from its opening day, drawing large crowds. Charlie Chaplin was among several celebrities to perform on the pier.

Brighton Pier was temporarily closed in 1940 during World War II as a security measure. After the war, it was reopened and has been entertaining families ever since.

Do you have a favorite beach or summer getaway?

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  1. Since I live in the San Diego, CA area I enjoy taking out of town company to La Jolla Shores. It is nice to be there for a refreshing day.

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