Books, Burnout, and a Bionic Leg

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

November 17, 2022

Let me start with the Bionic Leg.

Many of you have been following my son and daughter-in-love's cancer journey, and I'm very happy to announce that Chelsea has completed her chemo treatments! She hasn't had all her final scans yet, but the ones that have come back are clean, and we're all really, really thankful. And look at all that titanium! The worst is over and now it's all about rehabilitating that leg. 

Let me just say, she has a very long and impressive scar. It's a fitting badge representing her courage and determination as she dealt with fear of the unknown and real physical pain. Despite these hardships, she always has a ready smile, and is a true inspiration.

Jordan has been an excellent support, morally and practically, walking an unusual path as a new husband.

I couldn't be prouder of either of them.

On to Burnout.

I don't want to spend too much time here, only to say that burnout is real. 2022 has been a busy and difficult year, and if you've been following this blog, you'll have heard about most of it. Despite the extraordinary eventfulness, I still ran my business and published six books. I confess, I'm running on fumes. I know I have a problem with life and work balance. Every year I say I'll do better and every year I find I'm working seven days a week. But next year WILL be different. lol

The good news is I'm about to leave on vacation for a week. Usually my travels are "working holidays" but this time, I know I need to take real time off and fill the tanks.

Books! Books! Books!


Murder is so sang-froid!

When the Reed family—temporarily exiled to France—is once again safe, Ginger decides to turn the event into a much needed holiday. And the absolute cake is Ginger’s reunion with her American friend Haley Higgins, who is working in France on a practicum to become a lady doctor.

Ginger celebrates the happy reunion by throwing a party at their villa in Paris, but the joyous activities are halted when a body is discovered. Like old times, Ginger puts her detective skills to work while Haley provides her forensic knowledge. As party guests continue to become more suspicious and worthy suspects, Ginger’s own past is soon on trial.

Has a long-ago, war-time “error” resurfaced to steal more than Ginger’s joie de vivre?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Murder

Clive Pippins, Lady Ginger Gold’s beloved, elderly butler is apparently Christmas shopping when a body is found. To the shock of everyone in Ginger’s household, the victim is the spinster cousin Pippins worked for during the years surrounding the Great War.

As Ginger investigates things begin to look grim for her dear butler. What had the man been up to during the war years, and had he been complicit in a crime?

What secret was Pips holding onto?

And worse, would he be the next victim before he had a chance to divulge it?

The only gift Ginger wants for the Christmas of 1927 is for the killer to be found before it's time to ring in the new year!

I'm writing as I look out at a winter wonderland view. So fitting as there was a BLIZZARD in England the week between Christmas and New Years in 1927. I also love writing about Pippins and getting to know him better. He's always been a favourite character of mine.

Check out this painting? It was inspired by the world in Murder in France.

Would you love to win a print of it? Enter the contest for your best chance. You'll also get a print copy of Murder in France and 25 buckeroos!

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  1. Lee, you are my favorite author of historical mysteries. I just started following your blog finding out about your daughter and her battle with cancer. If it is ok, I will include her and you when I pray. Fondly, Ruth

  2. So looking forward to reading the next 2 books! It’s been a rough year for us, but not a horrific as yours. Hubby had both knees replaced, 3 months apart, then a huge melanoma and lymph node removed from left arm and under arm. He is recovering nicely and is able to walk better than he has in over 20 years. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. You really need a rest. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your break. Happy Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to reading your latest Lady Gold book in Paris!!!
    Best wishes

  4. Oh Lee, Your son and daughter-in-law are heroes! But so are you! This is a well deserved vacation and you are a hero as well with all you’ve been through this past year. I will leave a review of Murder in France shortly and can’t wait for Murder at Yuletide. Please just take the time for yourself!

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