Excerpt from Murder at the Boat Club

The ninth Ginger Gold Mystery, Murder at the Boat Club, will be released on June 25th. That's less than two weeks away - wow!

Here’s a teaser from Chapter #1 of Murder at the Boat Club.

>>> One never knew what might happen at a boat race, but Mrs. Ginger Reed—the former Lady Gold—hadn’t expected murder.

Such unseemliness also did not occur to the other spectators currently enjoying the final moments of the boat race between the University of London and the University of Leeds.

The teams were neck and neck approaching Chiswick Bridge. Long boats shot through the water with the powerful strokes of the eight oarsman sculling with a single oar each; the shouts of the coxswains huddled in the sterns of the boats reverberating over the waters of the Thames, magnified by leather megaphones.

Ginger and her new husband, Chief Inspector Basil Reed, were there to cheer on the London team, not only because they were Londoners, but because the young man rowing in position number six was the son of Basil’s good friends the Honourable Thurston Edgerton and his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Edgerton. The two couples stood together along the rail of the University of London Boat Club.

Thurston Edgerton, a tall, barrel-chested man, had a commanding presence and his voice bellowed out the name of his son. “Come on, Garrett!”

Mrs. Edgerton was his visual opposite, rail-thin and tight-lipped. She held with a firm grip on to the wooden railing.

 Ginger clung to Basil’s arm. “Darling, this is so exciting!”

Though not as famous and as well attended as the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge, this race was a great event for Ginger, who had been informed that all forms of boat racing were popular amongst the English.

As the boats approached the finish line, the roar of the crowd swelled. Ginger’s heartbeat hammered in her chest. It was such a thrill to see young men in fine form working together as if one beast, toward a common goal. She couldn’t refrain from shouting encouragement herself.

“Come on, London!”<<<

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