Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #7 Plot Point Two

written by Lee Strauss | Crafting Your Best Story, Lee Strauss

June 28, 2016

Plot point 2 is very similar to plot point 1. It's a conflicting event in the story that launches the third act. At this point things are not looking very good for our protagonist at all. If your main character isn't in some kind of external or internal turmoil or both, you need to rethink your structure. The third act is the build up to the climax so think of the second plot point as the cannon that launches the ball.


In the first HARRY POTTER, the second plot point encompasses two events. Ron leads the three friends through the chest game, and then Hermione solves the riddle that gives Harry access to the chamber below. Once in the chamber we're in act three.

In HUNGER GAMES, plot point 2 is Rue's death. Katniss experiences grief for the first time in the games and it's also the first time she kills someone. The reality and severity of her situation underscores her determination to live and to win.

In PERCEPTION, plot point 2 is when Zoe and Noah get caught by Zoe's grandfather and Noah is forced to leave her behind or be killed. It's the first time they are separated and sets up the next act nicely when he returns for her only to find she's not the same person he left behind.

In GIRL ON THE TRAIN, plot point 2 happens in Anna’s point of view: she discovers her husband Tom (Rachel’s ex) was cheating on her with Megan (the dead woman) and she begins to suspect him.

Make sure your plot point pinches effectively propel the story forward. They have to mean something and do something.

Next I'll talk about Climax and Resolution.

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