Author Tip Tuesday – Crafting Your Best Story, 26 writing tips to get you unstuck

March 8, 2016

If you don't already know, I write lower YA otherworldly novels as Elle Strauss. A while ago I blogged on writing tips directed at the young adult writer and the writers of young adult books. It's was never for sale because I quote a lot from published works not my own and I didn't want to deal with rights issues. It available for free free as an incentive to sign up for my Elle Strauss newsletter, and it's also posted in full on Wattpad.

Crafting Your Best Story (7)

This year I will be writing a mystery writer's edition of the book, and because I'm giving a workshop in Switzerland in April which will be taped, I'll be posting the tips on video.

In the mean time, I'd be happy to send a copy of the YA edition to anyone who asks for one in the comments. Be sure to leave your email.

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