Listening puts you on the boat!

It's 1923 and young war widow fashionista Ginger Gold makes a cross-Atlantic journey with her companion Haley Higgins to London, England, to settle her father's estate. When the ship's captain is found dead, Ginger is only too happy to lend her assistance to the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed.

The SS Rosa delivers a convincing array of suspects - the wife, the mistress, a jealous crew mate. To Ginger's dismay, her name has been added to the list! 

With a little help from Ginger's dog Boss, Ginger and Haley navigate the clues (those wartime operative skills come in handy). They must solve the case and clear Ginger's name before they dock - and oh, whatever shall she wear?

A fascinating introduction to a character that will rival Miss Fisher in the cozy genre set in the period between world wars.

#1 Reason to Love Audiobooks

They are the perfect companion during creative times! If you like knitting, painting, sculpting... keeping your hands busy, then audiobooks can totally help!

#3  Reason to Love Audiobooks

They can keep you fit! Whaat? Yes, motivation to exercise goes way up when Ginger Gold and Basil Reed join you on the step machine!

#5 Reason to Love Audiobooks

YOU DON"T NEED GLASSES! Yes, that's right. Forget your glasses on your desk? No worries. You can still 'see' your favorite Lee Strauss story with all those interesting characters with perfect clarity no matter where you have left your 'readers'.

#2 Reason to Love Audiobooks

They keep you company when you are driving. They keep the stress limit down and make the time fly on long trips. Road Rage while commuting? Not any more!

#4 Reason to Love Audiobooks

They will keep your house clean! Doing the dishes is way more fun than watching TV when you have another Lee Strauss adventure waiting to join you. 

#6 Reason to Love Audiobooks

They are like a book and a movie combined. Imagine a great book about the 2nd world war on a big screen, but you can still picture each character the way you want. Buy Lee Strauss's great WW2 novel 'Playing with Matches' and experience a true hybrid story. 

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