Wait – there’s more!

Last week I shared the excerpt from Chapter #1 of Death at the Tavern – but wait – there's more!

Good news – Death at the Tavern is releasing in just FIVE days! Are you as excited as I am?

Quite honestly, I'm a little nervous. Death at the Tavern is the first book in a spin-off series and it's not necessarily a given that readers who love Ginger Gold will flock to a new effort. My hope is that they will give Haley Higgins, whom they know a little from the Ginger Gold Mysteries series, and newcomer Samantha Hawke, a chance.
This is why I'm posting excerpts ~ to give readers a sneak peek into who Haley Higgins has become seven years (in her timeline) after leaving Ginger, and as an introduction to her new sidekick. Haley has matured, is a bonafide doctor and suffers emotionally from the unsolved murder of her favorite brother. Samantha, aka Sam Hawke, has been really fun to write and to get to know. She's a woman whom we can all relate to in some way. Both she and Haley are women working in a man's world and, in the 1930s, that was much more striking than it is now.
I hope you enjoy the next excerpt!

Here’s a teaser from Chapter #2 of Death at the Tavern – Book 1 of the Higgins & Hawke Mystery series.

>>> A small crowd had already gathered at the tavern when Haley eased her 1929 DeSoto to the curb. The cream-and-red, square-bodied, flat-roofed sedan had lost its gleam over the past couple of years, but Haley was one of the few women who owned their own vehicle, and she was proud of it. Together with the double chrome fender, large round headlights, and cream-colored wheels with exposed spokes and inflatable tires, Haley thought the car quite handsome. She’d inherited a sum of money when her parents died, her father having been a savvy investor in his time, and she’d learned a thing or two from him. She had invested well and had had the foresight and instinct to get out of the stock market just before it crashed.

The press, with the help of their contacts in the police department, quickly got wind of each new crime, and this one was no different. Men in linen suits and straw hats huddled together with either a notebook or camera in their hands. Haley had to admire their tenacity to wait it out in the stark heat of the sun. She noted a lone female presence among them, pushing her way to the front. <<<

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