Are you a Futurist?

Are you a futurist? If you have to ask what that is, you probably aren't one. 😊 A futurist is someone who spends a lot of time planning and plotting what's going to happen next. I'm a futurist. I only just recently discovered that not everyone's brain works like mine does!

There are pros and cons to being a futurist. The upside is that a person who thinks ahead often can get a lot done, and also probably does a lot of things “out of the box.” The downside is it's easy to miss what's happening in the now and enjoying the present.

Being a futurist is helpful to me as a writer and publisher as it helps me to get a lot done in a short time. I'm releasing the 15th book in the Ginger Gold Mystery series, Murder at the Royal Albert Hall, next week! I'm also working on the next Ginger Gold book, Murder in Belgravia, which will be available to you in JUNE.

My planning brain goes beyond work, and Norm and I have some fun things coming in that we're excited to share with you in the future. <<See what I did there?>>

As a lot of you might know, Norm and I work together on some projects, and the Ginger Gold's Journal is one of them. I started off writing them myself, then Norm jumped in when I hit the war years. The idea for the journal came when I found myself writing about Ginger's past in the mystery books. This week's journal entry is the memory flashback Ginger had in book 3, Murder at Bray Manor.


Captain Smithwick is a determined man willing to help or use people in order to accomplish his missions during the war. Ginger's respect for him dims over time, and by the end of things she quite despises him. You'll have to read the journal to find out why!

April 28, 1916

Dancing with Captain Smithwick ~

I’d been invited to a private party,the birthday of Madame Cousineau the wife of the former mayor of the village I presently live in, who sadly, had been killed last year in battle. Madame. Cousineau had rented the public house, and even though things like good wine and fine pastries are hard to find in occupied France, there seemed to be enough to make the evening merry. An accordionist provided music, and together with the wine and laughter, the war almost faded away for a few hours.

I sat at a table talking with Madame Cousineau when, to my astonishment, Captain Smithwick suddenly appear as if out of thin air.

Bonsoir mesdames,” he said in perfect French.

Ah, Bonsoir Monsieur Favreau,” Madame Cousineau replied. “This is my friend Mademoiselle Antionette Lafleur. We met only a few days ago, but have already become fast friends. Antionette this is Monsieur Andre Favreau, he is also quite new to our little town.” >>>

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE: https://www.leestraussbooks.com/gingers-journal/april-28-1916/

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What about you? Are you a futurist? Tell me about your plans in the comments.

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