April 2018 Month in Review

Like most folks who live in the northern hemisphere, I've spent most of April waiting for spring to arrive! I think it's safe to say it finally has. I think! Who knows anymore with all the crazy weather we've been having lately. We had sunshine yesterday and I took some time off work to clean up the deck and set it up for sunning. Gotta remain hopeful!

It is easier to bunker down and write when the weather is bad, and so I did just that and got book #7 in the Ginger

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Gold Mystery series, Murder at St. George's Church, done and sent off to my final editor. There's always such a sense of elation and accomplishment when you get to the finish line on a project. I'm excited to launch it into the world May 29th. Stay tuned!

Spring is also a time for spring cleaning. I made an ENORMOUS task list that's not for the faint of heart. It's a work schedule for our house and yard over the next year because next spring we're putting it on the market.

I'm also spring cleaning my business. That involves branding my name and catalog of books. It's a lot more work than it sounds like and my assistant Shadi and I are hard at it. Expect to see new cover updates for two of my series in the near future.

You might not know this, but I have a publishing company called La Plume Press. Currently, I'm only publishing my own books, but next year I'll be taking on an exciting new children's author and illustrator team. More on that to come, but if you have young kids or grandkids or nieces and nephews, I promise you, you won't want to miss this!

Here's a teaser. Meet Stanley of FUNKLAND WORLD!

Speaking of Shadi, my wonderful assistant and almost daughter-in-law, she's the one who's been writing up the interest blogs. Have you been enjoying those? She's covered many topics related to Ginger Gold and the 1920s, and will soon cover interesting subjects related to my other books as well.

Here are a few links, in case you've missed them.

Automobiles found in Ginger Gold's world of the 1920shttps://www.leestraussbooks.com/automobiles/

Marriage and Divorce in the 1920s: https://www.leestraussbooks.com/divorce-marriage-in-the-1920s/

Harrods Animal Kingdom: https://www.leestraussbooks.com/harrods-animal-kingdom/

Margaret Powell and Downton Abby: https://www.leestraussbooks.com/margaret-powell-downtown-abby/

Shoes in the 1920s: https://www.leestraussbooks.com/1920shoes/

The sidesaddle: https://www.leestraussbooks.com/sidesaddle/

Interesting In Real Life People of Ginger Gold Mysterieshttps://www.leestraussbooks.com/in-real-life-people/

Women's rights in the 1920shttps://www.leestraussbooks.com/womens-rights-in-the-1920s-how-much-do-you-know/

How about you? Are you spring cleaning this year?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


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  1. Shadi does a wonderful job! That would BE a job I would enjoy! I LOVE to research topics that are new to me.

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