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You know how when sometimes so much happens at once that it’s hard to know where to start and it’s easier not to say anything at all? That’s kind of what the last couple of weeks have been like for me.

So perhaps I’ll just point form it:

Family News

  • My son Jordan got engaged to his now fiance Chelsea! He pulled a big surprise proposal by jumping out of the bushes as she was about to take a golf swing. So excited for them both! Wedding to take place sometime in 2022.
Vancouver, BC
  • Forest fires shut down highways in BC except for essential travel, which included the trip I made with my daughter so that she could have a medical procedure in Vancouver, a 5 hour drive away. I don’t like highway driving at the best of times, and it’s particularly eerie when smoke is billowing amongst charred forests. Thankfully, we've had rain since then and the temperatures have dropped. The fires are under control.
  • << Photo of Vancouver skyline near our hotel.
  • Good news it the results of her tests were everything thing we’d hope for. No pulmonary hypertension and no new progression.
  • >> Photo of me and daughter at son's engagement party, a rare cool evening this summer. 
  • Sadly, our neighbor passed away suddenly of a heart attack. So shocking and a reminder to make the most of every day. Make the life you want to live. Tell your loved ones you love them. Keep short accounts. And be kind.
  • Book News:

     Murder in London, a Rosa Reed Mystery #8, released to great reviews.

    If you’re following Ginger and Rosa, you’ll read about them together in this book for the first time! And since most of us can't travel to England at the moment, here's your chance do it virtually, and as a time traveler too!

    Cozy Mystery Murder in London


    • Norm had a pickleball tumble and sprained his ankle and elbow. Fortunately he can still type! We are writing in tandem at the moment, book 4 in the Higgins & Hawke Mystery, Death by Dancing. I’m really enjoying getting back into Haley Higgins world in 1930s Boston and the research on marathon dances during the depression era is really interesting and sobering.
    Cozy Mystery Death by Dancing


    Preorder on Amazon:

    ebook: https://smarturl.it/H-H-Dancing

  • I’m listening to the final version of Murder on Mallowan Court, Ginger Gold Mystery #17 which is coming to you on September 21. Ginger’s on bedrest and counting on Felicia to be her eyes and ears. I took a page from Rex Stout and his characters Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin. If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll know that Nero Wolf prefers not to leave his house and Archie Goodwin does most of the leg work. 
  • Cozy Mystery Murder on Mallowan Court

    Murder's afoot!

    Unfortunately, this clever series wasn’t around in 1927, the year Murder on Mallowan Court is set, but Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was released that year. Savvy Agatha readers might catch and Easter Egg I’ve planted at the end.

    Preorder on Amazon:

    ebook: https://smarturl.it/Mallowan

    And finally,

    • it’s only just a month and a bit before Norm and I move into Scout (our RV) and begin our snowbirding journey. We’re renting out our home, so we have to go not matter what, even if the border remains closed to Canadians who want to go south. My ace in the hole is that I’m a dual citizen, so I can drive across. Norm, however, would have to fly and meet me there. Clearly, we’d rather the border opens, so fingers cross.

    Well, I feel bit anxious just writing all that out and it’s not even all of it! Let me end by recommending a delightful, feel-good movie called CODA. Coda stands for Child of Deaf Adults. It's also a musical term, a play on words since the main character is a singer. You can watch it on Apple TV+ which only costs 5.99/month, which is close to what you’d pay to rent a movie elsewhere.

    How about you? How’s your week been?

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    1. Such good news about both your kids. I noticed the cover of the new Higgins and Hawke novel sports an all-girl band. I’m curious about the photo used. Can’t wait to read it. Stay blessed.

    2. Congratulations on your happy family news- wishing happiness ahead for your son and health ahead for your daughter. Really hope the border opens and you and Norm have a wonderful trip 🙂

      Sooo excited for the new releases- I’ve been missing Haley! I hope one day she and Ginger can be reunited? I can’t wait for Murder on Mallowan Court – and even the Agatha Christie association in the title gives it an extra thrill for me 🙂

      Tough times here, thanks for asking. Very thankful for your beautiful books – they take me to a happier place 🙂 xx

    3. I too have been watch the border and Covid in BC. Hoping for Canadian Thanksgiving in the Okanogan with family. Will you write while ‘flying south’??

    4. Hi Lee, Your books are so much fun! I can’t wait to start the Higgins and Hawke series—it’s on my Kindle, just waiting for me to dive in. Thanks, and please keep writing! All the best to you and your family.

    5. It sounds like you have definitely had a busy time. I hope you and Norm have a relaxing trip. I follow 3 of your series and am always awaiting a new book. I’m so glad you are continuing the Haley and Hawke series. I so like that the themes are historical. I will be 75 this year and even though I am a Baby Boomer, I really enjoy the 20s and 30s. Have a safe trip and I am looking forward to reading you next novel.

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