A challenge from Hugh Howey

written by Lee Strauss | musings

February 11, 2016

If you don't know who Hugh Howey is…. well…

Anyway, I read his latest blog post today. It's geared to writers and he's a successful Indie, so I'm interested in what he has to say.

Here are the tips to success according to Hugh:

1. Make a Long Term Plan
2. Reading
3. Practice
4. Daydream
5. Learn to Fail

Craft oriented tips:

6. Plot trumps prose
7. Live fully and cheaply
8. Network
9. Write great sh*t
10. Find your voice

Check out what Hugh has to say about each of these points here:


Where I've been falling down is in the practice bit:

Start a blog and post to it every day

I've actually spent quite a few years blogging regularly (not on this site), but most of my posts were geared to writers. I have a lot to say to writers.

But I wanted to change my focus to readers, and I found I didn't know quite what to say. This is a good book. And this is a good book. And this is a good book?

So, help me out here. What would you like to see me post about? Writing tips? Sneak peaks into what I'm working on now? Stuff that's not about writing or reading?

Maybe I'll do a little of everything. See what the day inspires. I do want to rise to Hugh's challenge. Though I can't promise I'll show up everyday, I'm going to try.


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