3 Lessons Learned on the Road ~ aka: Live the Life you want to Live

We've been on the road now for several weeks and what have I learned?

  1. I'm older than I used to be.
  2. The things I want and the things I thought I wanted, aren't the same.
  3. I'm groovin' with this RV life thing.

Let me explain:

Of course, I'm older than I use to be. That's how it works. If you're still breathing today, you're older than you were yesterday. That's a given. And a bonus. This week is the anniversary of my dear and long time friend Donna's death, so this truth resonates for me more poignantly. Life on this earth is beautiful, adventurous, sometimes scary, and finite.

Missing you, my friend.

Which brings me to number 2:

My ten year plan. What a different discussion this is than from when I was in my 30s, 40s and early 50s. In ten years, I'll be married to a 70 year old man! (Lord willing!) We've always lived a life of adventure with a good measure of uncertainty. There were many, many years when we were unable to see what was  ahead of us beyond the next three months. We just kept living, trusting, and getting by – sometimes with just enough and sometimes with more than our wildest dreams. And though we're still the adventurous sort, we're starting to crave a simpler, more predictable life.

Long ago, we decided to be snowbirders, and when we bought our RV, we thought we'd be road warriors too, travelling to and fro from one scenic lookout to another. However, after weeks on the road, we realize, at least for us, it is the destination and not the journey. We just want to get to our winter home and settle in with our routines and traditions, and build into our community, much like we do in our summer home. It's a good thing to discover about us, and helps us now as we plan our future. As we look into the next ten years.

The journey DOES have perks.

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And finally, #3.

I love Scout! Our motorhome is everything we were looking for in an RV, checking all our boxes. It's interesting to meet other people living this lifestyle ~ everyone has a different idea of what home on the road looks like. And I love that there are so many choices.

The RVs in our caravan. Missing is a Leisure Way van.

We are living the dream. At least the dream we set out to live. My motto is: Make the life you want to live. 

Part of the dream is that we get to work on the road. It's one of the great things technology has given us ~ the ability to be digital nomads. While travelling, I've completed a first draft of Murder at the Fiesta and the final draft of Death by Dancing ~ both available for PREORDER, and published the 1920s Coloring Book with my son Joel. Norm's even doing a bit of music producing!

Redefining the “home” studio!

In Book News:

Starting the plotting and planning process for the next 4 Ginger Gold books coming to you in 2022! Norm and I will be working on these together and have great ideas for each individual book plus an over-arching subplot. Basil will have a stronger presence and you'll discover more about his history as a crime fighter. The first book, Murder at the Savoy, is already up on preorder.

The preorders:

November 30: Death by Dancing(link), a Higgins & Hawke mystery #4

January 25: Murder at the Fiesta(link), a Rosa Reed mystery #9

May 31 (probably earlier): Murder at the Savoy(link), a Ginger Gold mystery #18

New Releases:

Don't miss out on the 1920s Coloring Book(link). Makes a great and unique gift!

Murder at Mallowan Court(link), a Ginger Gold mystery #17

What's Next?

If you're following this in real time, we are at an RV park in La Penita, where that beautiful photo of the pool was taken, right on the beach. Comment if you want the website info. Next month we'll get to the town that we've decided will be our winter home. More on that later!

How about you? Are you living the life you want to live?

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