1920s British Weddings + Contest + Murder in Belgravia preorder

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

May 20, 2021

In Murder in Belgravia, Ginger attends the wedding of Felicia Gold and Lord Davenport-Witt.

One thing is for sure, though – this wedding isn't taking place in the evening or night. She isn't partaking in a wedding dinner or evening feast, either!

As a matter of fact, since the Marriage Act of 1836, people weren't allowed to marry between six in the evening and eight in the morning … a law that wasn't officially repealed in Britain until 2012!

Do you want to see what a big wedding event in the 1920s was like?

Amazingly, real footage exists of a 1920s wedding between Lord Inverclyde and Miss Olive Sainsbury… an event that was a big deal since it involved an earl marrying the daughter of a baron.

Don't see a video? Click here to view

Things that stood out to me: The policemen on horseback managing the crowd… who apparently needed to be kept under control for an event with as much hype as this.

Also, take a look at the uniquely 1920s head coverings of the bridesmaids! 

And, what do you think of those old cars (or ‘automobiles' as they would've strictly been called then) passing through the crowd?

At 1:45 there are glimpses of old-fashioned busses and trucks passing through as well…

What do you think? What stood out for you?


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Murder in Belgravia – Available for Pre-Order!

Murder's a piece of cake!

Wedding bells are ringing in Belgravia, and Ginger couldn’t be happier to attend the nuptials of Felicia Gold and Lord Davenport-Witt. If only she could put her mind at ease about the things she knew about the groom’s past.

When a death occurs at the wedding party, Ginger is placed in a frightfully difficult position. Betray her vow of secrecy to the crown, or let a killer go free.

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